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Productive Bodies, Mark Harvey, Letting Space, NZ Festival 2012. Image: Gabrielle McKone.


The Wellington Independent Arts Trust was established in 2009 and is a registered charitable trust. Its aims:

  • To provide a foundation for and support independent arts projects which look to provide different ways for the arts to connect with audiences.
  • To support work that integrates the world of economic, social and political action with artistic endeavours.
  • To encourage community participation in the arts.
  • To encourage discussion and critical thinking.
  • To support excellence and innovation in arts practice.

WIAT provides governance and funding to leading public art programme Letting Space.

In 2016 we also supported the creation of a film about art educator Gordon Tovey from BWX Productions, The HeART of the Matter which premiered at the NZ International Film Festival, screened ion Maori Television and continues to be screened extensively.

In 2017 we umbrella-ed the production of Shared Lines: Wellington a project of exhibition, performance and discussion bringing together artists from Christchurch, Kaikoura and Japan with those in Wellington around the role of the arts in urban earthquake resilience.

Through Letting Space since 2009 WIAT has supported:

  • over 90 public art projects,
  • and the work of more than 65 different arts companies or artists.This has been both through its Urban Dream Brokerage service for fostering space for new ideas and community in our cities, and through Letting Space public art platforms and projects, and media platforms and publishing.


We welcome support from donors to support the Wellington Independent Arts Trust’s aims. We are a registered NZ charity. which means individuals are able to claim 33.3% rebate for donations made up to a maximum claim equal to their annual taxable income.


Enquires: Helen Kirlew Smith at helen@lettingspace.org.nz or by approaching one of the trustees here.