Projected Fields Siv B Fjaerestad, Letting Space, Wellington 2015. Image: Grant Sheehan.

The heART of the Matter

A film produced by BWX Productions which premiered at New Zealand International Film Festival 2016 and went on to screen on Maori Television. It continues to have screenings nationwide. The film traces the changes and the remarkable army of men and women affecting the establishment of a thoroughly bicultural and arts-centred education system, over the immediate post-war decades, led by Gordon Tovey, the Education Department’s National Supervisor of Arts and Crafts 1946-66.


Gordon Tovey

Shared Lines: Wellington

In 2017 we umbrella-ed the production of Shared Lines: Wellington a project of exhibition, performance and discussion bringing together artists from Christchurch, Kaikoura and Japan with those in Wellington around the role of the arts in urban earthquake resilience. This included public artwork Sora Ami by Yasuaki Igarashi (pictured below).

UBD - Shared lines Colour - low res - Ebony Lamb 10.17-3

Shared lines: photo Ebony Lamb

Letting Space

A celebrated independent public art and urban revitalisation organisation that estabished in 2009, Letting Space curates and manages art and media projects that aim to increase public space and enable social change. The programme has included over a dozen major art projects nationally, and they were the winner of the Wellington Airport Wellington City supreme community award in 2015.

Urban Dream Brokerage

A service of Letting Space established in 2012, Urban Dream Brokerage facilitates the use of vacant commercial spaces in New Zealand CBDs for innovative and accessible use to encourage new ways for our cities to be more liveable and assist urban revitalisation.

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